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Over my career I have written well over a million words on web-handling. I am making available the larger portion that I own copyright to you. All you have to do is ask. The better part of 40 years of experience and the better part of a million words. Articles, blogs, columns, unpublished books and more. All material is key-worded and searchable. A read-me with FAQ’s will guide you to content and usage. You can get this jam-packed folder of work in one of two ways only.

  1. Send me an email request with all of your business card information to Please use “Best of Dr Roisum” in the subject line so that your request can get routed to the proper mailbox and department. I will then send you a Dropbox invitation link that only you can use. You must then copy that folder over to your own machine soon thereafter because that link will expire in 30 days. Note, if your IT department does not allow Dropbox, you can do so on any other computer, such as a home computer.
  2. For US addresses only, you can snail mail (US Post preferred, Fedex, UPS etc) a SASE with a USB drive/stick with at least 2 Gb of room for the files as well as your business card. I will return the memory stick to you in your SASE. For those not familiar with the term, SASE means Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Please make sure the envelope is padded and has sufficient postage pre-paid.

Please note that we can not process or even respond to incomplete requests. Also, I can not provide material whose copyright is owned by others, so please don’t ask me. Instead, ask the copyright owners directly. The RoisumLibrary in the Best of Dr Roisum folder will guide you to the proper author and copyright owner.