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Converting Quarterly

Web 101 Instruction

Everyone can and should know web-handling. My Web101 is one of the most popular courses of any type in our web industries. Nearly 5,000 students have taken this course either in their plants or at a public forum or soon as video-on-demand. The targeted audience is the technical person responsible for most any type of web machine. However, many other positions can also benefit such as lead operators, foreman, managers, mechanical and electrical maintenance, Q/A and customer service. The only prerequisite is enough job experience to be familiar with the names for the parts of your machines, basic functions and common web/roll defects. By far the most common two-day course is modules 1-12 (web handling) + 20 (winding intro). Email me and I can send you a sample module to illustrate the high quality of the notes. A complete list of topics I teach on include the following:

Web Handling Sections
1 Introduction to Web Handling
2 Roller Introduction
3 Roller Traction, Slip & Float
4 Roller Rules
5 Tension Control
6 Drives
7 Nip Mechanics
8 Nip Applications
9 Wrinkling
Converting Sections
10 Spreading
11 Guides
12 Slitting
13 Coating
14 Printing
15 Heating and Cooling
18 Nip Impressions
19 Other Converting
Winding Sections
20 Winding Introduction
21a Cores
21b Chucks & Shafts
22 Winder Arrangements
23a Rewinder Productivity
23b Ergonomics
23c Automation
24a Mechanical Issues
24b Electrical Issues
25 Theory of Winding
26 Wound Roll Defects
27 Roll Quality Measurement
28 Roll Quality Inspection
29 Winding Extra Topics
Materials Sections
31 Material Properties
32 Physical Properties
33 Level Caliper
34 Thinking Thin
35 Moisture Temperature
36 Runnability
37 Process/Product Development
Ergonomic Sections
40 Safety - Protecting Our People
Problem Solving Sections
50 Intro to Problem Solving
51 Define
52a Determine - Formal
52b Determine - Street Smart
53 Decide
54 Do
55 Pitfalls
56 Optimization
57 Logic and Fallacies
58 Example Problems
59 Workbook Exercises
Presented Papers
61 Corrugations
62 Telescoping
63 Roller Sizing
64 Tension Sizing
65 What We Know (That Just Isn’t So)
66 Baggy Web Troubleshooting
67 Accumulating. Resonant and Self-Exciting Problems
68 Core Manufacturing
69 Core Beyond
70 Dead Tree
71 Web Literature
72 Roller Alignment - Mechanics
72 Roller Alignment - Standards