Books published by DesTech and TAPPI PRESS

Web Handling Handbook (2019)

Web Machine Buying Guide

Winding Machines, Mechanics and Measurements

Creative Thinking in Converting

Critical Thinking in Converting

Web Words

Mechanics of Web Handling

Mechanics of Rollers

Mechanics of Winding

AllWebHandling Channel on YouTube

300 short videos on a wide variety of topics.

Free internet search engine: Web201 by AbbottApps.


Creative Thinking in Converting– an unpublished book that followed Critical Thinking in Converting (TAPPI PRESS, 2002).

Roisum Best of Index– this MS Excel spreadsheet has sheets for my personal works including books, conference papers, Web Words columns, Web Wise columns, WebHandling Blog, Web101 teaching modules and Web201 YouTube clips.  All are dated and keyworded and searchable.  Merely click on the appropriate tab at the bottom to navigate between the various databases. 

Roisum Blog– this is the text of more than 1,000 AIMCAL WebHandlingBlog posts written over more than 10 years.  Fair use with attribution here would include my name as well as AIMCAL.

Roisum Dictionary– defines some 1,000 technical words used in our web-industries including aliases.

Roisum Library– a keyworded and searchable list of some 4,000 articles, books, conference papers, columns, theses and other published material by the famous, infamous and not so famous authors of web handling related material. This is most everything ever published on web-handling subject except for patents.

Roisum Web Wise– 37 of my columns from AIMCAL’s Converting Quarterly.  Fair use with attribution here would include my name as well as AIMCAL.

Roisum Web Words– 190 of my columns from the now deceased Converting Magazine

WHH911– an emergency help guide with links that you are welcome to share as you like.

If you would like to receive the above information, 1000’s of pages, please fill out the form below or email me at with your complete business contact information and “The Best of Dr Roisum” in the subject line. I will then send you a Dropbox invitation that will allow you access to those files.